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Ally Z. CNP, BScH.

Hey! My name is ​Ally, Certified Nutritional Practitioner, + Whole Foods Nutritionist + Mental Health Advocate.  I'm the founder of Nurture Naturally Wellness Co. Welcome to my little corner of the internet - I'm so glad you're here!


If you take a look around, you'll see there's a lot going on in my world. On some days, you'll find me handcrafting all natural personal care products, with local, organic + sustainably sourced ingredients. On others, sipping bulletproof lattes pouring my soul into my writing. But really, I'm here to create, educate + empower you to nurture your whole Self, naturally!


products & services

all natural skincare

Nurture Naturally Wellness Co. is dedicated to providing natural solutions for the modern world. Handcrafted with love, Ally offers a variety handcrafted essential oil blends, as well as natural face + body products to nourish your skin from the outside in.

wellness resources + digital downloads

Ally has created online wellness resources to help you feel better, FASTER. Get creative in the kitchen with Gluten-Free Goodness: A Whole Foods Guide to Wholesome Indulgence. Stay on track with a 5-Day Meal Plan. And learn to manage your stress from the inside out with Ally's latest resource, Calm the F**k Down: A No Nonsense Guide to Holistic Stress Management!

emotional wellness + mood management

Looking for emotional support + stress management tools at your fingertips? Say hello to your new best friends - my handcrafted line of essential oil blends! Each has been specially designed to help with different aspects of emotional + mental health - balance, focus, self-awareness, and sleep. 10mL rollers prediluted in organic fractionated coconut oil for safe and easy application, wherever you are.

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the legendary natural deodorant

Armpits far and wide rejoice for the Happy Hippy Deodorant! This product is made with sustainably sourced Ontario beeswax to naturally absorb odors and protect the body's microbiome. It's creamy smooth, aluminum-free, and infused with therapeutic grade essential oils.

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holistic & heart led nutritional consulting

Green Goodness

Re-establish the mind-gut connection, and find emotional freedom. Ally offers expert nutritional counselling, and develops individualized wellness plans made just for you. Ally will guide you through your wellness journey, and help you to lead a vibrant, wholesome, and healthy life. Book your complimentary discovery call and learn how Ally can best help you.

get started with essential oils

Essential oils continue to be one of Ally's go-to tools for managing emotional and physical health. Shop safe, pure, and therapeutic grade essential oils in just a few clicks. Not sure where to begin? Book a discovery call to find which essential oils are best for you.

Herbal Oils

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