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Infinite Return - A Guide to Flow

Our lives are a collection of stories with endless opportunity. Every thought we think; each decision we make; every action we take creates a ripple effect in the universe. Like raindrops in a puddle, our individual ripples of opportunity collide with those around us, guiding us further along our journey. Similar to sound, some ripples may be synergistic, turning ripples in waves. Other ripples may be destructive, causing the ripples to dissipate back into the natural currents of the universal ocean of opportunity.

When we ride the waves, we are in flow. We may find ourselves surrounded by synergistic ripples, building our wave higher and higher. We start to connect with our higher intuition, embrace our emotional intelligence, and lead a more heart-centered life. Sometimes, however, we get caught in a sea of turbulence, remaining stagnant, lost, or confused. But whether we ride the waves, or get caught in the undertow, what is important is that we can always bring ourselves back into flow.

Here are some actions to help you to stay in flow, and work through the turbulence.


Starting a gratitude practice is a simple tool to welcome flow into your life. Gratitude is a high vibrational energy that nourishes your soul. It helps to shift your perspective from a victim mentality, to one of appreciation for the world around you. Seeing the world from a victim’s point of view can make you feel as if the world is against you. You may have limiting beliefs, like you are not good enough, or don’t deserve new or better opportunities in your life.

While vibrating at an elevated frequency, however, you are more connected to your intuition, and are able to see opportunity in the connections you make. You are able to release these beliefs, and reconnect with the synergistic ripples around you.

There are many ways to start your gratitude practice. Perhaps the simplest way to say 3 things that you are thankful for every day, either out loud or in your head. My favourite is to write 3 things in my journal each day; I describe how my gratitude makes me feel, and why I am thankful for it. Your gratitude list can be as simple as: my dog, the sun is shining, and the birds are chirping. Or, as abstract as: my ability to make a home cooked meal, the seat warmer in my car, and the smell of a campfire. As long as you are truly grateful for whatever your lists contains, you will be working to shift your energy to that of love and gratitude.


Meditation is another incredible tool that you can use anywhere. Taking a few minutes each day to get quiet and observe our thoughts is how we can learn to be in better control of our thoughts. When we are aware of the thoughts we are thinking as we are thinking them, it becomes much easier to release negative thought patterns that are no longer serving us. By releasing these thoughts and limiting beliefs, we are free to live in flow, and welcome opportunity back into our lives.

Many people believe that meditation is a complicated process, needing special stools, music, and your own meditation guru. This is simply not the case. These are many ways that we can meditate; all you need is a comfortable spot to sit. An easy way to start meditating is to sit cross-legged with your back straight (if this is not accessible to you, sit or lie however is most comfortable for you. I like to sit on a pillow to better support my low back). Close your eyes, and take a deep breath in and out through your nose, aiming to breathe into your belly. Count each deep breathe, from one to ten. If your thoughts bring you away from your counting, simply observe them, and continue counting. Another way to meditate is by listening to music. Focus on the words, the different instruments, the melodies; and breathe deeply. Feel the music, and when your thoughts take you away, observe the thought, and return to the music. These meditations can go anywhere with you, even while riding transit, or sitting in your office. All you need is a quiet moment to breathe.

Surround yourself with Love and Support

Community is an essential part of human health and happiness. Similar to gratitude, love is the highest vibrational frequency there is. When we are loved and supported by those around us, we feel uplifted and are encouraged to see the world from a place of gratitude. Our hearts illuminate the opportunities that surround us, and we are able to step into the light.

If you’re struggling to find support in those around you, look to find a group that shares similar interests. Join a soccer team, take a yoga class, find a book club, attend a meditation circle; the list is endless. You could also give back to your community: volunteer at a youth shelter, or join a local initiative to clean up garbage at a green space. Connecting with people that will support you will help you to tune back into the frequency of love and gratitude, and bring you back into flow.

Our lives are a collection of stories with endless opportunity. Tap into the flow of the universe, and take a step towards the light today.

In love & light,

Ally Franchi

Ally is a Holistic Nutritionist, and founder of SoLuna Essentials. She received her nutrition training from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, the industry leaders in training nutritional professionals. In addition to her nutrition certification, Ally holds an Honours Bachelor degree from Queen’s University, where she studied Biology, focusing on conservation and ethnobotany. Ally is a member of Towards Ahimsa, a not-for-profit organization that runs various programs and camps that teach sustainability, mindfulness, and problem-solving to the youth. Outside of her professional life, Ally enjoys her time exploring nature with her partner, and spending quality time with her family and Soul Sisters.

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